Halloween 2015

This is my 4th year doing a photoshoot for my kids for Halloween. Every year I seriously stress out about this. They are so squirmy and could care less about the costumes. But somehow in the end it works out. This year I had to have a pep talk with my husband before we started “Ok, listen. This is going to be hard. But I don’t want to hear any ‘we can’ts’ or ‘this isn’t going to happen’. Because we’re doing this. And it’s going to be awesome.” So…it happened. And here it is!:


Hahaha I love it. I was only able to get separate photos of Jude (3 years old) wearing his wings and then his hood, so I had to merge those together in photoshop. He was running around like a maniac. The only way I could get him to stop and focus was by turning on Sesame Street on my phone and holding it above the camera lens.

IMG_7673 copy

Ollie (1 year old) was happy to stand still as long as we fed him a steady stream of fruit snacks. However, he refused to wear his head piece so I made my husband model it 🙂

I found the Andy’s room background hi-res by just doing a Google image search. Then to finalize it there were lots of little tweaks like putting in shadows under their feet, making Ollie’s pants longer, making the toes on Jude’s socks bright green to match, etc!


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