The Cat With One Eye

Another lovely afternoon at the Humane Society of West Michigan! I keep finding myself torn and not sure what to do while I’m there. Should I take as many cats photos as I can or spend more one-on-one time with each cat? Today I tried to get as many kitties in as possible, so unfortunately I don’t have much to report about their personalities.

Nels is a 2 month old male and is ADOPTED! I took his photo because he was so unique with his curled ears. Everyone was (understandably) going gaga over him.


Emma is a 1 year old female and was the most vocal of all the kitties I took pictures of today. She was demanding attention from anyone and everyone. Her fur is so short I thought she had been shaved at some point. Turns out it is au naturale.


Curtain is a 2 month old male. His name cracks me up. I imagine trying to name him was an “I love lamp” scenario.



Cecil is a 1 year old male. Poor guy looks like he has been kicked in the head by a mule. He just looks a little “off” haha. But he is very sweet.


Benjamin is a 4 month old male kitten. He is very sweet and a pushover. He was getting bullied by a 3 month old kitten that was half his size…


Sam is a 3 month old female kitten. She was Benjamin’s bully! She was sweet to me but growled at Benjamin. Drama drama drama. She loves to play.


Zana is a friendly 3 year old female.


Scarlet is a 1 year old female. She has a cute little folded ear!


Autumn is a 1 year old female. There are 2 types of cats that are hard to get photos of: the super scared ones and the overly friendly ones. Autumn is the latter. She was climbing my legs, bumping against me, and I could barely get far enough away to take her picture. She has the LOUDEST purr I’ve ever heard. It was so loud that it turned into this vocalizing squeak/coo that sounded like a tribble. So funny.


Tubby is a 3 year old female. Sometimes I interrupt nap time and it is not appreciated.


Sparkles is a 9 year old female. She has been on my list to photograph for several weeks now and I just keep missing her. Poor girl has been waiting quite a while for a home!


Silver is an 8 year old male. He was another of those overly friendly kitties who was hard to get a picture of. He is a big guy…not overweight, just really long.


Noelle is a sweet 9 year old female.


Lolo is an 8 month old male and is SO FLUFFY!!!


Boo is a 5 year old male. So fitting for this Halloween week!


Last but not least is Little Pumpkin, a 1 year old female.


Taking her photo reminded me of this moment from Toy Story:

Hahaha she was so sweet though!

Please stop in to see these cute fur babies at the Humane Society!

3077 Wilson Dr NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534
(616) 453-8900


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