The Dog That Looks Like Zuul

Today I stopped by the Humane Society of West Michigan to photograph several of their adoptable dogs! I was secretly hoping for puppies. But not this time. I found out they go so fast; the real need is for pictures of the older dogs.

This is Bear. He is a 1 year old sweetie pie. He still has that soft puppy fur. The description on his kennel said he was “shy” but I thought he was very affectionate and friendly! He loved to be pet and he still has quite a bit of puppy energy.




Next I met Cole. He is a black mix. Of what I am not quite sure. I think he is half lab / half Zuul. For real you guys. If you are fans of The Ghostbusters, please adopt and rename him Zuul. That would be amazing. He is a playful 7 month old. He loves belly rubs!





Joseph is a beautiful Great Pyrenees. He is 6 years old and is a gentle giant. I think he could pass as a polar bear. A Chinese zoo tried to pass a dog off as a lion, so why not? I had a hard time getting a photo of him by himself because all he wanted to do was lean on us and be pet. Joseph is heart worm positive but is being treated and will go on to be a happy, healthy guy.



Last but not least, meet Alpine! She is a 1.5 year old with the craziest tongue I’ve ever seen. It is hilarious!!! She is STRONG, has spunk and loves to play.




Please stop in to see these cute fur babies at the Humane Society!

3077 Wilson Dr NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534
(616) 453-8900